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Business Women's
Golf League

10th Anniversary

Check out BWGL article in Thrive magazine.  See page 48-49.  

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2019 President's Letter


Jan Alligood, 2019 BWGL President

Jan's Letter

10th Anniversary Events


10th Anniversary Events



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2019 Rules Changes


What’s the rule here?  In the hole or out?  See link below for USGA Major Changes

Link to USGA 2019 Rules

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BWGL Merchandise

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BWGL in the News

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About Us



BWGL was established in 2009 by three friends and business professionals, Jan Alligood, Carole Alagna and Sheryl Watford.  Along with Beth Blevins, PGA Professional, Canongate Golf (now Club Corp) and the Newnan Coweta Chamber of Commerce organized a small golf league dedicated to providing a non-intimidating environment for women to learn, grow, connect, and have fun through the game of golf.

We are truly a league for players to learn to play golf, to improve their skill level, and to grow their individual game.  We have something for everyone. Enlarging our circle of friends and expanding our connections is important to each of us. BWGL provides a variety of opportunities to meet ladies from diverse disciplines and experiences. Being a member of BWGL is being part of a network that is constantly evolving. As league members you will be encouraged to invite others to join, and you will get the benefit of adding others to your network.  

More History

Mission Statement


  •  Grow and expand its members’ network
  • Develop and/or improve members’ golf acumen 
  •  Expand circles of friends and increase connectivity
  •  Have fun playing golf

League Night Formats


Empower - score kept using stroke play, paired only with others who are playing this format, range balls provided for early warm-up on league nights

Inspire - Best ball format, paired only with others who are playing this format, range balls provided for early warm-up on league nights

Clinic - 1 hour clinic, open to everyone, posted curriculum so you can attend the ones you want/need

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