BWGL Thru the Years

Original plan on a napkin


2009 - BWGL (formerly Executive Women's Golf League) was founded, on the back of a napkin (picture on the left), by three friends:  Jan Alligood, Sheryl Watford and Carole Alagna.  They formed the league for women to learn. grow, connect, and have fun through the game of golf.  This league was started for women who worked. 

Beth Blevins, PGA Professional,  was instrumental in establishing the framework for the league.  In addition, Beth provided the golf instruction for the ladies.  

We ended the first season with 25 members.  Summer Grove was our home course. 


2010 and 2011

2010 -  The league formed the leadership team, Lead Gals, and established roles for each member.   In keeping with the original vision, the position names were created, such as money hag (aka treasurer, sparkplug (aka president), play day diva (aka play day coordinator).  To promote ourselves within the community, we created a league logo.  To celebrate the season, the league had a ladies day tournament along with a fashion show.  We maxed the number of players on the course and increased membership to 45.  

2011 - This was the year of growth.  Membership grew to 107 ladies.  The Lead Gals attended numerous events to promote BWGL throughout Coweta and Fayette counties. We introduced an event called skills day.  This was an instructional day focused on driving, chipping, and putting.  We bombarded five instructors with lots of questions.  This event was attended by all skill levels.


2012 and 2013

2012 -Jan Alligood passed the presidential torch to Janis Williams. Janis introduced BWGL merchandise - jackets and divot tools.  The famous pepto pink ladies competed for the best dressed team at the Ladies Day Tournament.  They didn't win.   The league was so successful we explored to other areas Fayette and Henry counties.  

2013 - We added additional league nights and played at Coweta Club and Plantera Ridge.  Janis and Jan were co-presidents this year.  We added a new event, BWGL Cup, a modified Solheim format.  We introduced Skills Day at two locations with two PGA professionals, Brenda Barb and Patty Power.  We automated the RSVP process. 


2014 and 2015

2014 - For our 5th year, we returned to Summer Grove with Becky Alexander as president.  This was the first year for BWGL to have golf shirts and the logo received an update with a new look.  Beth was the instructor for clinics.  Solheim captains were selected by the top standings.  Jan was the blue team captain and Sheryl was the red team captain.  In case of a tie, the two captains would have a chip off.  The red team won by one point. 

2015- We remained at Summer Grove and Marie Daniel became  president.  We increased our presence on social media. Utilizing social media we expanded our reach.  Ladies Day Tournament had over 100 players and sponsors on every hole.   Solheim was a rematch of teams lead by Sheryl and Jan.  Jan was determined to not let history be repeated.  Jan's team won! 


2016 and 2017

2016 - We played at Summer Grove and Marie remained president.  We created the first BWGL website.  BWGL participated in the first international Women's Golf Day Event  - one day women golfing across the world.  Our even was held a Newnan Country Club and we had two 9 hole tournaments.  

2017 - Marie continues as president and the league moved to Newnan Country Club.  We partnered with NCC LGA to plan and execute a joint Ladies Day Tournament.  Rain put a damper on Women's Golf Day tournament so we had a game of stymie on the putting green. We postponed the tournament and combined with our Solheim event. We had our first decorate your cart contest.   Rhonda Winkles lead the red team to victory by beating Jan's blue team by one point. 


2018 - We returned to NCC for Marie's final year of being president.  We expanded the online membership registration and began accepting electronic payment for events. Beverly Bauer helped organize our first golf swap and it was a huge success.  We had an 18 hold alternate shot event for Women's Golf Day.  We held our Ladies Day Tournament at Canongate 1.  

2019 -  This year marked the 10th Anniversary of our league, returning to Summer Grove where it all began.  Jan returned as President for her last hooray. (allegedly). BWGL joined the Newnan Coweta Chamber of Commerce and kicked off our season with a ribbon cutting.  To celebrate our 10th year, we planned 10 signature events thru out the season.  One of the new events was our Member/Guest tournament.  Rhonda Winkles and Jan has a rematch for the Solheim Cup;  Rhonda and the red team retain the cup. Jan Alligood was recognized as BWGL 1st Honorary Member.  The season ended with our annual ladies day tournament.